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Firstly, the introduction provides the reader with information about our company. Secondly, it includes a review of the existence of our company since we stated; and thirdly, an overview of the general development of security relations in this country is presented. Vizico Security Company Limited started as one of the good security companies in Accra in the early 80s and was firstly managed by Capt. George Kwashi (Retired).

Mr. Kwashi did not hesitate to transfer management ownership to the new government that topped-up his government after the coup led by Flight Lt. Jerry John Rawlings who latter become the Ghana head of state and incorporated Vizico Security company as a government owned first and only security company in Ghana in 1984.

With the take over of the government, Vizico Security Company was given the first governmental preferential support to largely accept deposits of consignments from all the African heads of states. The support amply extended indefinitely to date. The good news nowadays is that the company no longer accepts deposits from only African countries but from other continents of the world. The portfolio of award winning of vizico Security Company has granted them the right to be the supervisor of more than 300 security companies in Ghana.

The customers sati factional driven attitude of Vizico Security Company has earned them the commanding force to break the walls of diplomatic barriers and maintained their integrity in the manner that the world security system have awarded them a passed right to enter into any country of their choice without facing the problems that other companies are facing.



Vizico Security Company does almost all their business with accredited agents with the full support of Ghana government. Our diplomatic agents are Ghana presidential diplomatic courier services and the United Nations appointed diplomats. Others include the foreign diplomatic agents.

Since the commencement of duties as a government owned company, we have helped the Ghana government arrange for security out-fit for the protection of the citizens and properties during national elections, football games and etc:

We have also helped in investigating corruption in Ghana and in the West African sub region as a whole. We have also helped and encouraged witness against corruptions and as the case may be. 

Our Company

We've had several award winning and honors on Staff dedication on customer satisfaction.


Our Philosophy

We believe in the highest quality commitments in services for all of our customers. We believe our customers are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving you better.

The above items at the warehouse are some of the family valuables/treasures deposited with us.

We encurage,families,individuals,coperate bodies,government functioneries to keep making deposits with us.